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I'm trying to reproduce the Choropleth Map given here with the code provided by Hadley.


# First (and most annoying) task - get matching state and county variables 
# for both datasets.  And unfortauntely it's not quite right, as you can
# see from the finish product - some counties are missing.
unemp <- read.csv("unemployment09.csv", header = F, stringsAsFactors = F)
names(unemp) <- c("id", "state_fips", "county_fips", "name", "year", 
  "?", "?", "?", "rate")
unemp$county <- tolower(gsub(" County, [A-Z]{2}", "", unemp$name))
unemp$state <- gsub("^.*([A-Z]{2}).*$", "\\1", unemp$name)

county_df <- map_data("county")
names(county_df) <- c("long", "lat", "group", "order", "state_name", "county")
county_df$state <-[match(county_df$state_name, tolower(]
county_df$state_name <- NULL

state_df <- map_data("state")

# Combine together 
choropleth <- merge(county_df, unemp, by = c("state", "county"))
choropleth <- choropleth[order(choropleth$order), ]
# Discretise rate to use with Brewer colour scheme - many options here
# choropleth$rate_d <- cut_number(choropleth$rate, 5)
# choropleth$rate_d <- cut_interval(choropleth$rate, 5)
# Nathan's choice is a little odd:
choropleth$rate_d <- cut(choropleth$rate, breaks = c(seq(0, 10, by = 2), 35))

# Once you have the data in the right format, recreating the plot is straight
# forward.

ggplot(choropleth, aes(long, lat, group = group)) +
  geom_polygon(aes(fill = rate_d), colour = alpha("white", 1/2), size = 0.2) + 
  geom_polygon(data = state_df, colour = "white", fill = NA) +
  scale_fill_brewer(pal = "PuRd")

But this code gives the following error:

Error in"layer", list(mapping = mapping, data = data, stat = stat,  : 
  could not find function "alpha"

Deleting alpha and using this code

ggplot(choropleth, aes(long, lat, group = group)) +
  geom_polygon(aes(fill = rate_d), colour = "white", size = 0.2) + 
  geom_polygon(data = state_df, colour = "white", fill = NA) +
  scale_fill_brewer(pal = "PuRd")

gives the following error:

Error in scale_map.discrete(scale, df[[j]]) : attempt to apply non-function

I wonder how I can fix this problem. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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Try loading the scales package. I'm guessing this code you have is from before when scales was explicitly loaded by ggplot2 by default. – Tyler Rinker Jun 19 '13 at 17:05
@TylerRinker: Thanks for your comment. Still have error even after loading scales package!!! – MYaseen208 Jun 19 '13 at 17:31
As Tyler mentioned, load the scales package to find the alpha() function, but the second error arises from scale_fill_brewer(); changing pal to palette worked for me. – Dennis Jun 20 '13 at 15:20
Thanks @Dennis for your helpful comment. Could you change your comment to answer so I can accept it right answer for future OPs. Thanks – MYaseen208 Jun 20 '13 at 16:13
It's incomprehensible why pal and palette should make a difference, but it does... – Heisenberg Mar 14 '15 at 3:31

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