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I'd like to do an Ajax/Zone update on a section of my page when a RadioButton which is selected.

<t:RadioGroup t:id="vehicleAvailableGroup" value="vehicle.isAvailable">
  <t:label  for="vehicleAvailable" />
  <t:radio t:id="vehicleAvailable" value="literal:true" label="literal:Yes" />
  <t:label for="vehicleNotAvailable" />
  <t:radio t:id="vehicleNotAvailable" value="literal:false" label="literal:No" />

Whats the best way to deal with a create an event or handle an existing event that I may be overlooking?

Ive tried add onclick wich didn't work, neither did this:

@OnEvent(value = EventConstants.VALUE_CHANGED, component = "vehicleAvailableGroup")


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Take a look at Geoff Callender's zoneUpdater mixin in JumpStart here. The mixin listens to a clientside event on a field and fires a serverside event with the current field value.

IMO this should be part of tapestry-core as it's a common requirement.

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Awesome- thanks for that. That worked a treat. –  Airomega Jun 19 '13 at 16:37
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I've just added an onEvent mixin to tapestry-stitch. It's inspired by the zoneUpdater mixin from Jumpstart with a couple of differences.

  • You can specify a list of fieldIds who's values will be passed in the serverside event.
  • There's an optional context attribute which can be passed in the serverside event which is useful when rendering fields in a loop.
  • You don't need to mess around with request parameters and use the event context instead.

Demo here

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