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I am trying to use a method from a child that class that inherits from a interface. The call to that method done from a client class (main method). //interface method

class InterfaceMethod{
    virtual void method(void) = 0;

This is the class that is inheritance the interface:

class ChildClass: public InterfaceMethod
    ~ ChildClass(){}
    //virtual method implementation
    void method(void)
//do stuff
//and this is the method that i want to use!
//a method declared in the child class
void anotherMethod()
    //Do another stuff


This is the client:

int main()
    InterfaceMethod * aClient= new ChildClass;
    //tryng to access the child method

    (ChildClass)(*aClient).anotherMethod();//This is nor allowed by the compiler!!!
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This is probably a bad idea - if you want to be able to call the method through an interface, you should add it to the interface. – doctorlove Jun 19 '13 at 15:03
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You want dynamic cast.

ChildClass * child = dynamic_cast<ChildClass*>(aClient);
if(child){ //cast sucess
  //cast failed, wrong type
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Try it like this:


You shouldn't do this unless you can be sure that you have an instance of the derived class.

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Doing it the way user814628 suggested is safer if you have RTTI. – TractorPulledPork Jun 19 '13 at 15:01

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