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Documents are stored with the following fields:

NumberofChildren: Integer
OwnsAHome: Boolean
Income: Integer

I need to use the aggregation framework to sort by number of children so the output is something like this:

Number of Children: 3
Number of People: some value, say 17
Number of People who own a home: some value less than 17 which is a sum of the number of true Booleans
Average income: some value

How would I do this in MongoDB with aggregation , especially in regards to counting the number of times the Boolean OwnsAHome, is true?


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The $project phase is your friend in the pipeline by allowing you to create new fields which have different types and values than original fields.

Consider this projection which uses $cond to use one value when something is true and another one when it's false:

{ $project : { numWhoOwnHome : { $cond : [ "$OwnsAHome", 1, 0 ] } } }

If you now do a $group with {$sum : "$numWhoOwnHome"} your result will be the number of people who had OwnsAHome set to true.

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don't forget to add to $project for every field you want to include "fieldName:1" otherwise the only thing to come out of $project will be the _id field and this new calculated field. – Asya Kamsky Jun 19 '13 at 16:48

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