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Does Appfog support TurtoiseSVN for version control? The official website only seem to provide details on Git.

Is there any tutorial or support that I can take? Please help.

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As far as I know, they don't support deployments from any versioning system, not Git either. They only support their own "af" command line tool for pushing code to the servers.

"AppFog no longer uses Git to deploy apps. The af CLI tool replaces Git as the deployment mechanism."

See for information about their command line tool.

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Yes it seems so isnt it.! Thank you Jesper for information. I have a google app engine project put on turtoisesvn and I want to deploy it somewhere else. Any suggestions you can give? – Chinthaka Dharmasiri Jun 19 '13 at 19:52
Sorry, but I can't think of anything except of manually cloning the repository and pushing it to the host via their normal deployment method. – Jesper Lindström Jul 4 '13 at 16:31

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