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Does anyone know of a table or chart that compares the features of SQL Server, SQLite, and MySQL (maybe Oracle too) ?

An example of what I'm looking for exists at DEVX, but doesn't include SQL Sever or SQLite

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Comparison of Relational Database Management Systems

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See : http://www.h2database.com/html/features.html#comparison

*1 HSQLDB supports text tables.

*2 MySQL supports linked MySQL tables under the name 'federated tables'..

*3 Derby support for roles based security and password checking as an option..

*4 Derby only supports global temporary tables..

*5 The default H2 jar file contains debug information, jar files for other databases do not..

*6 PostgreSQL supports functional indexes..

*7 Derby only supports updatable result sets if the query is not sorted.

*8 Derby doesn't support standard compliant information schema tables..

*9 When using MVCC (multi version concurrency).

*10 Derby and HSQLDB don't hide data patterns well.

*11 The MULTI_THREADED option is not enabled by default, and not yet supported when using MVCC.

*12 Derby doesn't support the EXPLAIN statement, but it supports runtime statistics and retrieving statement execution plans.

*13 Derby doesn't support the syntax LIMIT .. [OFFSET ..], however it supports FETCH FIRST .. ROW[S] ONLY.

*14 Using collations. *15 Derby and H2 support ROW_NUMBER() OVER().

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