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Two JPQL query defined below , Which one has more effective performance (in time constraint) or they have equal performance-

ParentEntity <=> ChildEntity [Many to Many relationship exist]

SELECT me from ChildEntity me where me <> All(select me.childEntitiesRef from ParentEntity pe where pe.parentId=:parentId)


SELECT me FROM ChildEntity me, ParentEntity pe WHERE me NOT MEMBER OF pe.childEntitiesRef AND pe.parentId=:parentId

 class ParentEntity{
       String parentId; 
       List<ChildEntity> childEntitiesRef;

 class ChildEntity {  
      String childId;  
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What relationship exists between ChildEntity and ParentEntity, you can put the entity classes with their attributes? –  meyquel Jun 19 '13 at 17:19
ManyToMany relationship exists between ChildEntity and ParentEntity . –  user225928 Jun 19 '13 at 18:01

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Try them both a see, that is the only real way to know.

Neither is very efficient, as they both use sub-selects, which are normally less efficient than joins. MEMBER OF will use a sub-select. The best solution is to figure out how to write the same query using joins, no sub-selects. But it also depends on how good your database's optimizer is, it may optimize out the sub-select.

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not need to use the parent entity in the query, you can use the child entity reference:

where me.parentId.parentId (<>=...) param 

first time you user a entity ORM load in memory data that is why firt time you perceive slow...

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