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There is the debug for a article on my website: link. And below the raw data from facebook debugger to this article:

   "id": "143663629163437",
   "url": "",
   "type": "article",
   "title": "Protestos em S\u00e3o Paulo: pol\u00edcia det\u00e9m 20 ap\u00f3s saques a lojas e restaurantes depredados",
   "locale": {
      "locale": "pt_br"
   "image": [
         "url": "",
         "width": 107,
         "height": 60
   "description": "S\u00c3O PAULO - Grupos de manifestantes depredaram e saquearam lojas e restaurantes em v\u00e1rios pontos da capital paulista, durante os protestos desta ter\u00e7a-feira....",
   "site_name": "Extra Online",
   "admins": [
         "id": "100000043813964"
   "updated_time": "2013-06-19T15:08:26+0000",
   "created_time": "2013-06-19T03:39:10+0000",
   "application": {
      "id": "154414861355894",
      "name": "Leitura Social Extra Online",
      "url": ""
   "is_scraped": true

apparently, there is no problem with any of those meta tags, but the image is not found or is not loaded by facebook.

any ideas?

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  • The image is not loaded is one question 1.
  • The image is not on the timeline is question 2.

Question 1:

First you need to debug your URL with meta tags includes into your page here The debugger will notify what is wrong in your page refers to meta tags.

Question 2

You need to add the fb:explicitly_shared as a true value in order to publish on timeline.

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