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I'm usuing the lineWithFocusChart.js model shown in the nvd3 examples shown here: http://nvd3.org/ghpages/examples.html

I want to be able to choose a specific x range for the graph to be focused on at load. I thought there would be a variable in chart that I could set to accomplish this.

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you may be able to do something like chart.brush.extent([x0,x1]) where x0 and x1 are the values you want the ends of the brush to start on. See github.com/novus/nvd3/blob/master/nv.d3.js line 4908 to see that the brush is a d3.svg.brush(), and see github.com/mbostock/d3/wiki/SVG-Controls#brush to see what all you can do to a d3 brush. –  elsherbini Jun 19 '13 at 18:58

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Suppose there's only one graph generated by nvd3 on the page:

chart = nv.graphs[0] // how to choose the graph by DOM id?

Thank @elsherbini's comment.

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