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I'm new to Scala and am struggling with this silliest thing.

I have a List[String] and I want to parse the list and produce a new List[ServerAddress] (ServerAddress is a mongo thing. What I am conceptually trying to do is convert a List of one Type to a different Type). How do I do this? My current attempt fails to populate my List[ServerAddress]

scala> val seeds: List[String] = List( "bobk-mbp.local", "bobk-mbp.local:27018" )
seeds: List[String] = List(bobk-mbp.local, bobk-mbp.local:27018)

scala> val serverAddrs = List[ServerAddress]()
serverAddrs: List[com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ServerAddress] = List()

scala> for (seed <- seeds ) { new ServerAddress(seed) :: serverAddrs }

scala> serverAddrs
res12: List[com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ServerAddress] = List()

Brother, could you spare a clue?

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You could do this:

val serverAddrs = => new ServerAddress(s))

Edit: Here is a more concise way:

val serverAddrs = ServerAddress(_))
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Isn't dot in your second example is wrong? By the way, if ServerAddress was a case class you could do just seeds map ServerAddress – om-nom-nom Sep 25 '13 at 15:51
@om-nom-nom Yes you're right. I fixed the problem. – bwroga Jun 20 '14 at 15:52

The :: operator creates a new list rather than mutating the old one, so you're just creating a bunch of one-element lists and then discarding them.

The idiomatic way to do what you want in a functional language like Scala is just to map the list:

val serverAddrs = s => new ServerAddress(s) )
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See @Chuck's comments about ::.

Here's a working for expression which is syntactic sugar for map:

scala> val seeds: List[String] = List( "bobk-mbp.local", "bobk-mbp.local:27018" )
seeds: List[String] = List(bobk-mbp.local, bobk-mbp.local:27018)

scala> class ServerAddress(address: String)
defined class ServerAddress

scala> for(seed <- seeds) yield new ServerAddress(seed)
res0: List[ServerAddress] = List(ServerAddress@1985828e, ServerAddress@c3e45b9)
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