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I have a perl script which requires a value from a shell script.

Following is the shell script (a.sh):

$value =$(///some unix command)
return $value

Following is the perl script: ///

my $answer= `sh  a.sh`;
print("the answer is $answer");  

But its not working. please help me out

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  value=$(///some unix command)
  echo "$value"

  1. You can't have any spaces around = in a shell variable assignment.
  2. Don't put $ before the variable name that's the target of the assignment.
  3. Perl's backticks capture the standard output of a command, so you have to echo the value (return sets the exit status of the function, it doesn't produce output).
  4. You have to execute the function.
  5. You should put $value in quotes in case it contains whitespace or filename wildcards.
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thank you @Barmar !! this worked perfectly !!! –  user2475677 Jun 19 '13 at 18:21

Just write

echo $value

in your bash code and the output will appear as the result of the backticks in the Perl code.

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Backqoutes substitute the stdout, not the return value (which is just an integer). If you used

echo $value

instead of return $value it would work as you expect. Simpler still would be

some unix command

as the single line in your bash script.

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