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I have an application that can post to user's wall when they visit my application page. But there are too much apps that are posting to users' wall even if users are not visiting their application (Users only visit once and give required permissions). I want to post to users' wall when they are offline and far away from Facebook.
Can you suggest how can I do that.

I am using PHP sdk.

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You can request a long lived token for 2 months             


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If I get long lived token then how to publish to users wall that is not on my app page? – mwaseema Jun 19 '13 at 18:34
@mwaseema I'm not sure I understand what you are saying – phwd Jun 19 '13 at 18:38
@mwaseema you have to use the saved long lived access token and use the same to post on the respective users wall normally, as you would have done when user was present, by sending HTTP POST to /userid/feed. Same documented here – Anvesh Saxena Jun 20 '13 at 6:37

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