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I have a domain service running smooth, some expose functions that return generic lists of defined entity, but for some reason, I had add some common information so I created a generic object to wrap the collection with the extra information that I need return.

but when after made the change and try use the service in the client, the function don't show up in the context, I already search about it and what I found was attributes for generic IQueryable

my wrap class

public class Wrap<T>

   public String commonProperty { get; set; }
   public String anotherCommonProperty { get; set; }
   public List<T> items { get; set; }


in my service domain

public Wrap<SomeClass> GetAll()

  Wrap<SomeClass> myObject = new Wrap<SomeClass>();
  myObject.items = new List<SomeClass>();
  myObject.commonProperty = "some info";
  myObject.anotherCommonProperty = "some info";
  return myObject;

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Maybe adding the [KnownType(typeof(SomeClass))] attribute in the Wrap<T> class, the problem is that you need to include one KnowType attribute for every class in your domain (this is because you are making a polymorphic service).

And adding the [ServiceKnownType(typeof(SomeClass))] in the GetAll method in the service (this is for wcf services I don't know if is valid for domain services).

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WCF RIA domain services does not support generic entity types. IEnumerable<T> and IQueryable<T> are special cases.

Your method was ignored because it did not match supported method type. Before changes GetAll was recognized as Query method. You can force that by adding attribute.

public Wrap<SomeClass> GetAll()

Now it does not dissapear silently. But generates compile time error instead:

Type 'Wrap`1' is not a valid entity type. Entity types cannot be generic.

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