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I am using the following script to automatically post to my PAGE while i'm offline every specific interval.

   $attachment2 = array('message' => 'titlexxxxx',
                'access_token'  => 'CAAEHzeckZBHABAErwFP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVf6Homc7ful2koSXv72PYQeP08GdHyuJcTY7gV2kVZCKKQZBAU',
                'name' => 'titlexxxxxxxxx',
                'caption' => 'titlexxxxxxxxx',
                'link' => 'linkurllllll',
                'description' => 'dexcccc'

                $result = $facebook->api('/209311095776218/feed/','post',$attachment2);  // the number is the page id  

I'm getting the access token manually from the facebook graph explorer, I know this is stupid but I can't figure out how to get a fresh realtime access_token. The access_token is not changing every long time, but it does change and this is annoying.

I need a detailed example to get a fresh token ...

IMPORTANT: the script is running while I'm Offline.

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You get a new access token by going through a login flow

For example in PHP it's something simple as allowing the user to click the result of getLoginUrl()

For pages you can go through scenario 5 described at

Extend your short lived access token for a long lived token             

After this when requesting a page access token (`, it will not expire.

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