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I have this structure:

"_id": NumberInt(1),
"link_id": {
    "1000748": {
        "pi": NumberInt(34),
        "li": NumberInt(8)
    "1002836": {
        "pi": NumberInt(21),
        "li": NumberInt(1002836)

I want to make a query to select only the link_ids with a 'pi' => 34. I have tried in php $res = $collection->findOne(array("_id" => intval($_catids['categoryid'])), array("linkid.$.pi" => intval(34))); No success. Any ideas? Thx a lot!

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First off I recommend to use the MongoId object for the _id field, has a lot of options and a lot of usefull functions within it

But that did not answer the question, the query is as followed

    "linked_id.pi": 34

Then you translated to PHP it is

    'linked_id.pi' => 34,

Then depening on the result you want you need to use find or findOne

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