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We have already extended the jquery ui tooltip to a custom widget. We need to extend this even further without touching the custom widget. I am having difficulty getting this to work. Please help.

(function ($) {
var extensionMethods = {
        open: function () {
            var childElem = target.children('img');
                if (childElem.length) {
                    childElem.data('alt', childElem.attr('alt'));
            $ui.tooltip.prototype.open.apply(this, arguments);
            console.log("extension open works!");
        close: function () {
            var childElem = target.children('img');
                if (childElem.data('alt')) {
                    childElem.attr('alt', childElem.data('alt'));
            $ui.tooltip.prototype.close.apply(this, arguments);
            console.log("extension close works!");

    var methods = $.extend(true, {}, $.ui.tooltip.prototype, extensionMethods);
    $.widget('my.customtooltip', methods);

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