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I am looking for MVC (not tutorial for Web App with C# somewhere. Are they any good online tutorials.


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The only supported web app (I believe) for C# is ASP.NET, so you're stuck with either WinForms or MVC. – Omar Nov 12 '09 at 4:56
Just curious why you want a C# MVC webapp, but not ASP.Net MVC? – jeffa00 Nov 12 '09 at 5:39

MSDN has a good tutorial for implementing Model View Controller on top of ASP.NET, I did this before ASP.NET MVC came out and it gave me a very good thorough knowledge of the pattern and allowed me to use the MVC pattern in my web applications long before ASP.NET MVC came out.


There is some more detailed theory of the pattern at:

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I authored several online courses for DevelopMentor on ASP.NET MVC. The first hour or two is free for each of them. I think you'll get a lot out of those courses.

That should be good for about 5 hours of free tutorials and exercises. Lots more if you wanted to join the course.

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If your looking for an alterantive MCV framework, Spring.Net and I think Castle Windsor have tutorials.

If you just want to write an MVC approach using standard ASP.Net then I can't remeber any specific tutorials but it can be done and isn't that hard to do. You have to write a little plumbing but you can create a base class that implements IHttpHandler to do that for you.

That said, I highly recommend ASP.Net MVC. It's really not that hard to learn or use.

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Castle Project has the Mono MVC framework as well a full stack including ORM, view engine, and IoC. I would recommend getting at least somewhat familiar with all of these concepts separately.

Also as far as I know, Fubu MVC is still alive and kicking. It's a very early for of ASP.NET MVC and by some really smart guys. There is not a tremendous amount of documentation but there is a sample app available and Jermey, Mark, and Chad are usually pretty good about answering questions.

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