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I would like to show some forms in my Drupal Website in a popup or accordion. I have tried popup module but it shows only for viewing nodes and not adding/editing. How can I do that?

Thanks for your help

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maybe this module help you Modal forms

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This can be done with https://drupal.org/project/popup_forms, but you need to do some programming in order to apply it (i.e. it can't be just configured via admin interface).

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Do you have any sample code you could share? –  Felix Eve Dec 5 '13 at 10:02
The sample code is provided on the module page @drupal.org. –  Code Your Dream Oct 30 '14 at 14:35

In my personal opinion Popups API is a very good module.You could show the necessary contents that suites your purpose .It is quite easy to use.I think you just need to read the documentation.If you really change this module there are other modules available like Modal forms,Modal Frame API,colorbox, Chaos tool suite etc.You can find a lot of modules needed for your purpose. The following links might help you:




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Unfortunately Popups API has not been updated in 4 years and is not actually available for Drupal 7, and this question is actually tagged as being Drupal 7 specific. –  Justin Apr 4 at 7:02

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