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I installed spree 2.0.3 and then I installed spree_fancy extension.... I want to edit the footer which was generated by spree_fancy extension Spree generated following folder: spree_api spree_backend spree_cmd
spree_core spree_dash spree_frontend spree_sample

Can anyone know where the views are located which was generated by spree_fancy extension.

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You can find the footer located here:

You can override the footer by placing a file in your application in the matching path:


After creating that file and restarting your webserver, content will be read from that file instead of spree_fancy.

Another option is to use the Deface plugin:

You can use this to override portions of the content within the footer, and is more appropriate when making small changes.

You can learn more about both of these techniques by reading the spree customization guide:

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