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Can we make Print button without JavaScript? to open browser print window.

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HTML has no built-in "print" action for an anchor tag or input button (or anything else), so JavaScript is your way. You could also include instructions for your users on how to print using File->Print or the other various alternatives.

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Althought as @Pablo says there is no print functionality that can be used without javascript, here is something that will make it a little nicer just in case there was a user that had javascript disabled:

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StackOverflow just does not like your link text. :) – Pablo Nov 12 '09 at 5:11
you may be right, not sure how that happened. – John Boker Nov 12 '09 at 5:41

You could do it with a Java applet but javascript is simpler and cleaner.

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Not with straight HTML. You could do it with Java, ActiveX, etc, but those are even more to add than JavaScript.

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