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Vertica allows duplicates to be inserted into the tables. I can view those using the 'analyze_constraints' function. How to delete duplicate rows from Vertica tables?

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Off the top of my head, and not a great answer so let's let this be the final word, you can delete both and insert one back in.

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You can delete duplicates by Vertica tables by creating a temporary table and generating pseudo row_ids. Here are few steps, especially if you are removing duplicates from very large and wide tables. In the example below, i assume, k1 and k2 rows have more than 1 duplicates. For more info see here.

-- Find the duplicates
select keys, count(1) from large-table-1
where [where-conditions]
group by 1
having count(1) > 1
order by count(1) desc  ;

-- Step 2:  Dump the duplicates into temp table
create table test.large-table-1-dups
like large-table-1;

alter table test.large-table-1-dups     -- add row_num column (pseudo row_id)
add column row_num int;

insert into test.large-table-1-dups
from large-table-1
where key in ('k1', 'k2');     -- where, say, k1 has n and k2 has m exact dups

-- Step 3: Remove duplicates from the temp table
delete from test.large-table-1-dups
where row_num > 1;

select * from test.dim_line_items_dups;    
--  Sanity test.  Should have 1 row each of k1 & k2 rows above

-- Step 4: Delete all duplicates from main table...
delete from large-table-1
where key in ('k1', 'k2');

-- Step 5: Insert data back into main table from temp dedupe data
alter table test.large-table-1-dups
drop column row_num;

insert into large-table-1
select * from test.large-table-1-dups;
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