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I have signal returning NSNumber:

RACSignal *signal = ....

Then in some place of code I want to get value of signal in the moment of execution, something like:

NSNumber *value = [code that extracts current value of signal];
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Signals have no notion of a "current" value. Values are sent, then they disappear — they're very ephemeral (unless a replay subject or other tricks are used).

You probably want to subscribe to that signal. Check out the Framework Overview and the examples in the README for a deeper explanation.

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Thank you. Just wanted to be sure. Sometimes there is temptation to not convert everything to ReactvieCocoa world. – Leszek Żarna Jun 20 '13 at 5:22
But I can do: RAC(self.number) = signal; and then use self.number in some place. – Leszek Żarna Jun 20 '13 at 6:05
@LeszekŻarna Yes, that will update self.number with the latest value from the signal, but it still depends on the concept of subscription underneath. Understanding how subscriptions work will make the rest of RAC a lot easier to pick up. – Justin Spahr-Summers Jun 20 '13 at 9:02
  1. Your "current value from ReactiveCocoa signal" in language of Reactive - is a subscription to this signal.

The -subscribe... methods give you access to the current and future values in a signal:

    [signal subscribeNext:^(id x) {
        NSLog(@"Current value = %@", x);
  1. Another way: if you would like to use this value with another values - use combineLatest:reduce: method like this:

    RACSignal *calculationWithCurrentValueSignal =
      [RACSignal combineLatest:@[signalWithCurrentValueThatNeeded, anotherSignal]
                        reduce:^id(NSNumber *myCurrentValue, NSNumber *valueFromAnotherSignal) {
                           //do your calculations with this values..
                          return newValue;
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are the answers valid for the Swift version as well?

Image an SignalPipe observing a changes on an object property. When subscribing to the signal from several other objects, i.e. queue.queueCountSignal.observeNext({...}), the observe block will be executed the next time the property changes. Is there a way to ask for the current value or trigger the observeNextBlock?

I do not want to use a SignalProducer (that can be started explicitly) because this would mean that I need to collect the observeNext blocks from every object the signal is needed. I also do not want to create several signal producer for the same thing – or is this actually wanted?

Here is the example code to make more clear

import ReactiveCocoa

class SwipingQueueWithSignals<T> : SwipingQueue<T> {

    override var count: Int {
        didSet(oldQueueCount) {
            let newQueueCount = self.count

    let queueCountSignal: Signal<Int, NoError>
    private let queueCountSignalObserver: Observer<Int, NoError>

    init() {
        (self.queueCountSignal, self.queueCountSignalObserver) = Signal<Int, NoError>.pipe()

// Something like this 
    .observeNext { next in print(next) }
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