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A quick (maybe naive) question. Consider the following code, where Sig is a symmetric PSD matrix.

VectorXf c=Sig.ldlt().vectorD();
int p=Sig.cols();
MatrixXf b=MatrixXf::Identity(p,p); 

How many times is the Cholesky factorization of Sig performed here? If the answer to the above is more than once, I need both the D vector and the inverse of Sig. What's the fastest way (e.g. without redundant coputations) to get both in eigen?

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There are two cholesky decompositions, one for each ldlt() call. The ldlt() function returns an LDLT object. From that you can get all the matrices involved in the Cholesky decomposition.

LDLT<MatrixXf> chol = Sig.ldlt();
VectorXf c = chol.vectorD();
int p = Sig.cols();
MatrixXf b = MatrixXf::Identity(p, p);
b = chol.solve(b);
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thanks. You could also use 'chol.solveInPlace(b)' – user189035 Jun 19 '13 at 22:01
@user189035 Eigen will automatically solve it in place when the assigned value and parameter are the same, see here – David Brown Jun 19 '13 at 22:02

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