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It used to be, but it is failing for me with DiscoveryFailure in python OpenID library (since today, I wasn't testing this earlier). Also this fails if you try to use the SO login with a yahoo button, so I am thinking it probably changed recently.

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I noticed it was down a few hours ago. It isn't working for any RP I've tried... except for

I viewed their source and saw they are using, which works.

Yahoo either made a mistake in a recent site change, or forgot to tell anyone (including themselves). still says to use "" as your openid.

share|improve this answer is more secure than just "" anyway, since it uses HTTPS for the whole authentication. – Andrew Arnott Nov 13 '09 at 15:39

The problem only occurs on some yahoo servers - look up IPs for, and during YADIS resolution, some will work, and some won't. So that's why it works in some places and not others.

Per Yahoo ( ), it seems their suggestion is to use instead

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Is Openid url for Yahoo only. I thought it is . profile-name is chosen by the user at the time of selection of his openid url.

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