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Upon building a component (pkg-config) under pkgsrc directory, I get stuck being told checking for a compliant posix_memalign() implementation... as in the trace below. CPU remains 99% and doesn't seem to progress for a few hours. Any ideas what could be wrong is appreciated.

To install pkgsrc, I followed Bootstrap instruction here, using HEaD_650. Precise commands since installing pkgsrc until where I got stuck:

# uname -a
QNX localhost 6.5.0 2012/06/20-13:50:59EDT x86pc x86
# svn checkout --username <username>
# cd pkgsrc/bootstrap && ./bootstrap
# cd ../devel/pkg-config
# pwd 
# bmake 
checking for fd_set... yes, found in sys/select.h
checking whether realloc (NULL,) will work... yes
checking for nl_langinfo (CODESET)... no
checking for nl_langinfo (PM_STR)... no
checking for nl_langinfo (_NL_CTYPE_OUTDIGITn_MB)... no
checking for a compliant posix_memalign() implementation... 

Using QNX6.5.0 SDP1

(By the way, I'm not sure if the way I'm doing above is the right to way to get pkg-config on QNX in general.)

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Figured out based on the workaround suggested in this link.

I did the following:

# pwd
# export MALLOC_BAND_CONFIG_STR="8:16,32,0:24,32,0:32,32,0:48,24,0:64,24,0:80,24,0:96,16,0:128,8,0"
# bmake            (this finishes this time)
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