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I have an image gallery where I'm replacing the source when clicking next/previous and I want the images to slide when doing so. Something like:

 function next(){
    image.animate({left: -1000}, 'slow',function() {
        image.attr('src', imageURL + imageNr + imgExt);
    image.animate({right: 1000}, 'slow');

So when clicking next, the current image should move to the left and bring the next image from the right and the other way around when clicking previous. How can one go about doing that? Thank you in advance.


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you could make a div with overflow:hidden; append() and or prepend() a clone() from the last() and first() img via jQuery and than always animate the one visible and the next() or prev() – caramba Jun 19 '13 at 21:27
The image tag is already contained in a div with hidden overflow. I am sure there's a simpler way of doing this. The code above slides the image to the left but I can't figure out how to get the next one to slide in from the right hand side. – junkystu Jun 19 '13 at 21:32
show your html and css or even best: creat a fiidle at – caramba Jun 19 '13 at 21:40
I'll do a fiddle in a bit – junkystu Jun 19 '13 at 21:50
Update with jsfiddle but for some reason the image source isn't updated in the fiddle – junkystu Jun 19 '13 at 22:04
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Managed to get it working with:

    image.animate({'left' : '-1000'},'fast', function(){image.css({'left': '1000px'});});       
    image.attr('src',imageURL + imageNr + imgExt);      
    image.animate({'left' : '0'},'fast');   
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brilliant, exactly what i needed. In addition. I am doing a reverse animate when the user gets to the end of a gallery. So they sort of know that they are back at the first image. +1 on Q and +1 on A – Valamas - AUS Jun 28 '13 at 2:40
That's something that I would love to add to mine. Could you please share the way you've done that? – junkystu Aug 4 '13 at 14:00
I have updated my answer. – Valamas - AUS Aug 4 '13 at 22:27

Thanks to junkystu, this is the code I used. Note the settimeout which aids the transition (so you dont see the new image leaving the gallery). The figure 95 is based on the animate speed of 100 and is via eye adjustment only. I also added a reverse animation if the user clicked previous image.

I also have thumbnails the user can click on which does not perform any animation. Hence, the if next else if prev is skipped when direction == "none"

Old code - don't use this.

if (direction == "next")
    image.animate({ 'left': '-1000' }, 100, function () { image.css({ 'left': '1000px' }); });
else if (direction == "prev")
    image.animate({ 'left': '1000' }, 100, function () { image.css({ 'left': '-1000px' }); });

setTimeout(function() {
    image.attr('src', largerImage);
}, 95);

if (direction == "next")
    image.animate({ 'left': '0' }, 100);
else if (direction == "prev")
    image.animate({ 'left': '0' }, 100);

Another tip is have the img tag inside a div where overflow: hidden;

New Code!

Here are my document.ready control event hookups

$(document).on("click", ".gallery-thumbnail", function (e)
        var gallery = $(this).closest('.gallery');
        GallerySetFeature(gallery, $(this).attr("data-gallery-id"), "none");

    $(document).on("click", ".gallery-prev", function (e) { GalleryNextPrev(this, e); });
    $(document).on("click", ".gallery-next", function (e) { GalleryNextPrev(this, e); });
    //-- only showing the next/prev controls on hover.
    $(document).on("mouseenter", ".gallery-feature", function (e)
    $(document).on("mouseleave", ".id-gallery-feature", function (e)

Here is my function for when the next/prev control is clicked. This handles doing the reverse animation when exceeding direction before first image or after last image.

function GalleryNextPrev(control, e)
    var gallery = $(control).closest('.gallery');
    var ubound = parseInt(gallery.attr('data-gallery-ubound'));
    var current = parseInt(gallery.attr('data-gallery-currentid'));
    var directionIsNext = $(control).hasClass('gallery-next');

    var newIndex = (directionIsNext ? current + 1 : current - 1);
    if (newIndex > ubound)
        newIndex = 0;
        directionIsNext = false;
    else if (newIndex < 0)
        newIndex = ubound;
        directionIsNext = true;

    GallerySetFeature(gallery, newIndex, (directionIsNext ? "next" : "prev"));

Here is my function that does the animation. Note the imagesLoaded function (get! Oh, plus I add an ajax spinner on top of the image if it does not load in a certain time.

var ajaxSpinnerId;
function GallerySetFeature(gallery, thumbIndex, direction)
    thumbIndex = parseInt(thumbIndex);
    gallery.attr('data-gallery-currentid', thumbIndex);
    var thumbnail = gallery.find('[data-gallery-id=' + thumbIndex + ']');
    var thumbnailImg = thumbnail.find('img');

    var largerImage = thumbnail.attr('data-gallery-larger');
    var downloadLink = thumbnail.attr('data-gallery-download');
    var thumbTitle = thumbnail.attr('data-gallery-title');

    var feature = $(gallery).find('.gallery-feature');
    var feature_img = $(gallery).find('.gallery-feature img');

    if (direction == "next")
        feature_img.animate({ 'left': '-1000' }, 100, function() { feature_img.css({ 'left': '1000px' }); });
    else if (direction == "prev")
        feature_img.animate({ 'left': '1000' }, 100, function() { feature_img.css({ 'left': '-1000px' }); });

    feature_img.attr('src', largerImage);
    feature_img.attr('width', feature_img.width);
    feature_img.attr('height', feature_img.height);

    //-- IsUndefined is my function, but you know what it is anyway. Just checking Is Undefined!
    if (IsUndefined(ajaxSpinnerId))
        ajaxSpinnerId = setTimeout(function() {
            //-- ajax spinner start
        }, 150);

    imagesLoaded(feature_img, function() {
        //-- ajax spinner end
        ajaxSpinnerId = undefined;

        if (direction == "next")
            feature_img.animate({ 'left': '0' }, 100);
        else if (direction == "prev")
            feature_img.animate({ 'left': '0' }, 100);

    //-- Just setting labels like title, image size and download link all storted client side as attributes.
    $(gallery).find('.gallery-download').attr('href', downloadLink);
    $(gallery).find('.gallery-position').text(thumbIndex + 1);

    //-- because I have little thumbnails the user can directly click on. I put a color border around the thumbnail to indicate the current showing. This works for prev/next image link too.
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