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I have a game which I have developed for Windows Phone 7 using XNA 4 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone. I submitted the app to the Windows Phone Store but failed certification because:

5.1 Application Reliability


The application fails to run on all windows 8 devices and displays a blank screen.

I would love to fix this, but I don't have a Windows 8 PC, and from what I can tell, you must be running on a Windows 8 PC to develop for Windows Phone 8 (see: Windows Phone 8 SDK Requirements).

So, I was wondering if I can limit my app to only Windows Phone 7. Does anyone know if this is possible?


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Have you contacted the powers that be and explain that it's a Win7 only app? –  MyCodeSucks Jun 19 '13 at 21:52
@CL4PTR4P: I am opening a support ticket with them, but imagine it will be a while to hear a response. Have you heard of MS allowing apps to pass even though they don't run on WP8 by contacting them directly? I imagine this is something that would need to be configured in the APP Manifest or something; not through MS directly. Figured someone here might have gone through this already. –  Goose Jun 19 '13 at 21:55

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You can not submit an application that only runs on pre-WP8 OSs (WP7 is no longer supported at all, though 7.5 is). Since running older apps is supported on WP8 there shouldn't be any issue, so I would open a ticket to try and get more information about what happened during certification that would have caused this app to not launch correctly on WP8.

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I also found this information on the Windows Phone Developer Forums:

If you do not want your app visible for 8.0 devices, you can submit a support request and we will work with you 1:1 in providing some options. As of right now, there's no way for a developer to prevent WP8 distribution.


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...but this option should only be used if a developer has exhausted all other possibilities first (ie. an unfixable bug). If you want to debug the issue on a WP8 device, you could try Nokia's Remote Device Access programme. Sign up as a Nokia developer (free) and you can access the programme. –  Neil Turner Jun 19 '13 at 23:51
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I ended up using Nokia's Remote Device Access service, which allows you to run your app on real Nokia hardware remotely. You cannot debug with it, but I was able to fix my bug by making small changes, testing on device, make another change, redeploy, and so on, until I found the cause of the bug.


Here is the repsonse I got from Microsoft, for anyone else interested in what their current stance is:

I reviewed your case and you mention that your app failed certification due to the app failing to launch on a Windows Phone 8 device. You also mention that you are unable to debug this as you do not have a Windows 8 PC and would like the app to be released for Windows Phone 7 devices only.

All apps are released for Windows Phone 8 devices as they are setup to be backwards compatible with Windows Phone 7 apps, this cannot be opted out of. The link below provides additional information regarding the Windows Phone 8 platform being backwards compatible.


Since you do not have a Windows 8 PC to run the emulator you may want to look at releasing your app as a beta and testing it on a Windows 8 Phone. This should allow you to replicate the issue the testers are seeing. Additional information regarding beta testing can be found in the link below.


Please let me know if you have any additional concerns or questions as I'd be happy to assist.

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The bug itself was caused by setting PreferMultiSampling = true. –  Goose Jul 15 '13 at 4:15

The option presented by Goose seems to no longer be available (as per a recent discussion I had with a MS support rep). Apps can no longer be excluded from WP 8.x compatibility.

There are other valid reasons for wanting an app to be for WP7 only, so it is frustrating that there seem to be no current solutions.

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@dcastro My bad, I think I mistakenly commented on this. –  Shanoop Mar 15 at 10:21

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