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Is possible to generate the dartdoc from $DART_SDK or from bleeding_edge ? I tried this with unittest :

dartdoc bleeding_edge-master/dart/pkg/unittest/lib/unittest.dart

And it works, but when I do this aync

dartdoc bleeding_edge-master/dart/sdk/lib/async/async.dart

It fails :

library dart.async;
/Applications/dart/dart-sdk/lib/async/async.dart:5:9: Warning: duplicated library name    "dart.async".
library dart.async;
bleeding_edge-master/dart/sdk/lib/async/deferred_load.dart:40:3: Error: External method     without an implementation.
  external Future<bool> load();
Error: generation failed: Failed to create mirror system.

I want it to play with json doc files in 0 generated directory. How can I do ?

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You can't run vanilla dartdoc on built-in "dart:" core libraries. Since it implicitly reads in those libraries on its own, you get duplicate definition errors.

Instead, there is a separate tool, "apidoc" in the Dart repo that we use to generate the core library docs. It's built on top of dartdoc, but has a few modifications to do some special stuff.

It's run automatically as part of the build process, so if you just clone the Dart repo and run tools/build.py, you'll get an api_docs directory in the output directory containing the docs.

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