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I need to clear all rows of one table in my database every time I start/restart JBoss. I've read that I can put sql statements in Hibernate's 'import.sql' file, and that would work great if I had set to create. However, I need it to be set to update. Ideas? Thanks.

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ServiceMBeanSupport : An abstract base class JBoss services can subclass to implement a service that conforms to the ServiceMBean interface. Subclasses must override getName() method and should override startService(), and stopService() as approriate.

After implementing the appropriate methods, have to add entry in jboss-service.xml.

<mbean code="com.startup.StartupService" name="com.startup:service=StartupService"> 

In, startService(), you can add your custom logic to be performed each time during server startup, executing database operations, scripts etc.

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Perfect! Thanks. – Josh Britton Jun 20 '13 at 15:22
@JoshBritton You're welcome. – Nayan Wadekar Jun 21 '13 at 4:40

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