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This is a newbie question, I have not read any dart doc, I just saw the video from Google I/O 2013. My company has webapp using Linux apache mysql php. Say,my aim is to change it using dart vm, but slowly. Maybe I'll write dart, convert it to javascript. My questions: 1. can I replace the php part with dart (convert to js) while still using LAMP ? 2. if the dart vm already installed in a VPS, can client access it using other browsers beside chrome?

Hope this is the right place to ask the question. Thank you

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based on the extensive research you have done into dart, you're doomed –  Andy Ray Jun 20 '13 at 1:17
This should be asked on superuser.com or perhaps serverfault.com. It's off topic here. –  Codie CodeMonkey Jun 20 '13 at 1:25
Are you talking about Dart in the browser or on the server, or both? If you use Dart in the Browser then there is nothing special. Dart generates HTML/CSS output that you serve like any other static HTML/CSS file. –  Günter Zöchbauer Jun 17 at 9:05

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  1. Yes, you can replace PHP with Dart and run it via Apache. See this article. There are some libraries to also enable connecting to MySQL (like this one).
  2. The Dart VM is unrelated to client access; the Dart VM on the server would only be used for server-side Dart. Client-side Dart is generally converted into JavaScript using dart2js (via pub build) and this will work with all modern browsers.
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