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how can i get the web-page source displayed on a web-browser control, either in c# or Win32.even ATL COM also fine. i mean.. i dont want to create new "HTTPReqest" or "openURL" to get source.. i want to get the source from the control it possible for windows mobile.. if so how?.. please let me know.

Thank u

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Assume this as the pseudocode


The Document property should be the starting point for you to look into.

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Ya.. i tried to get through innerHTML, But its telling interface missing.. Just see this….. and at "HRESULT hr = pItem->QueryInterface(/*__uuidof(IPIEHTMLElement)*/ IID_IPIEHTMLElement, (void **)&pElement );".. fails.. so any idea –  Naruto Nov 12 '09 at 8:09

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