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i am working on a social networking site having facility to create Family Tree. there are so many sites which supports family tree import/export from GEDCOM File. i have to implement family tree with gedcom standards. i also have to design my database as it should be capable to store data in a manner tht it can be exported to gedcom file as well as any gedcom file data can be imported in it... i need some code samples which can do this. if anybody have any idea about this please let me know

i found code from one blog from stackoverflow itself. i hope it can help me out you can view it from this link Gedcom Reader for C#

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Are you programming language agnostic? I mean, is it ok for the code samples to be in assembler? ;-) – Lars D Nov 12 '09 at 7:29

PhpGedView does exactly this, and is open source. You should be able to find plenty of code samples within the project.

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i didnt work on php... i just worked in .net (C#, i found php code as well as 2 projects from codeplex but i am unable to build them as some dlls are missing in it – Radhi Nov 12 '09 at 8:41

If you are open to java, you can use gedcom4j at It can read and write GEDCOM files in both the 5.5 and 5.5.1 format and stores the data in a java object graph so you can manipulate it as needed after loading/before writing. You could also hook that into whatever database framework you want (I would never recommend GEDCOM as a database format, but it essential for data interchange). There are plenty of ORM solutions to persist java object graphs to databases (hibernate being the one I'm most familiar with)

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