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There is no user and roles table. I have a tabless model for users and roles. user information is set in the application controller with the values from the environmental variables, for this one I have hard coded the value. The role information comes from the service.

#Application controller setting the user object
before_filter :set_user

def set_user
 @user = => 123)

I am using cancan for authorization and ability.rb doesnt see this @user or user and comes in as nil.Does ability load before the application controller? Am I missing anything in the controllers for cancan? I have load_and_authorize_resource in the controllers.

Any suggestion will be greatly helpful.

Thanks Ramya

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Add this method in your ApplicationController if you don't have it:

def current_user
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Thanks!! It worked! – Ramya Jun 20 '13 at 17:52

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