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I have a mirror for maven central setup like this in settings.xml:


But this server is accessible only from the internal network. When I'm at home and tinker with some side projects I need to access the real repositories. For now I just comment this mirror out, but it's cumbersome.

How can I make it automatic? Is it possible to define a profile with separate mirrors and automatically activated based on project path? Is there some simple solution?

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The solution is not using mirror-any, but using specific repository declarations with dependencies pom cleanups. This way you'll be as protected from going to unauthorized repos as with mirror-any and you'll be able to declare profiles (work and home) with different servers in each of them.

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Unfortunately there is not an out-of-the-box solution with Maven. Usual i check in my settings.xml via git and having different branches for different networks like at work, home etc. The result is reduced to a simple

git checkout HOME


git checkout WORK


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