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I have the following code that I am using to create ContentType data:

        var contentTypeNames = new[] 
            "Menu",          // = 0,
            "Article",       // = 1,
            "FavoritesList", // = 2,
            "Topic",         // = 6,
            "List",          // = 7,
            "Dummy",         // = 99

        foreach (string contentTypeName in contentTypeNames)
                new ContentType
                    id = ??,
                    Name = contentTypeName

I need to somehow add the values after the comments in as id columns. Is there a simple way that I can do this? I was thinking to create a two dimensional array but maybe there is an easier way.

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How about using a list of type ContentType – Ben Narube Jun 20 '13 at 5:01
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List<ContentType> contentTypes = new List<ContentType>();

//Fill Your List With Names and IDs
//Eg: contentTypes.Add(new ContentType(0,"Menu")) and so on and so forth then:

foreach (ContentType contentType in contentTypes )
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