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I've created DroidPrefs, a library that serialises and deserialises Java objects to SharedPreferences.

You save objects like so:

Animal newAnimal = new Animal("Gitty", "Octocat", 8);
DroidPrefs.instance(context).put("animal", newAnimal).apply();

Every time DroidPrefs.instance(Context) is called, I am doing the following:

mPrefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(context);
mEditor = mPrefs.edit();

My question is, does SharedPreferences work like a file? Should I only open it when reading and writing, or can I open it at the start of the app and not worry about other parts of the code accessing it?

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SharedPreferences stores data in a XML file[You may be interested to see Where are shared preferences stored? too ], hence work like a file indeed. It is optimized way to store and retrieve primitive data in Android compared to File IO.

Coming to your second question on accessing shared preference: It is always better to open when u need it and close it when you don't. However, you may go for singleton class(may be a factory pattern in case of multiple shared preferences) which manages access to SharedPreferences to have a neat design.

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