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I am getting the following error during make:

In file included from modGPRS.c:25:
../inc/intModGPRS.h:33:21: error: datapkt.h: No such file or directory

The directory structure is as follows: datapkt.h is placed at main_proj/libs/ipsec/itf.

libs folder has a Makefile which is as follows:

include $(BUILD_TOP)/build_control/stream/config.mk

SUBDIRS = tracing config stats srandom

SUBDIRS_$(B_LIBARCHIVE) += libarchive
ifeq ($(B_PLATFORM_openat),y)
    SUBDIRS += openat openssl asn1c mib zlib diff ipsec
    SUBDIRS += iniparser daemon ipsec

stats_needs      = config

include $(BUILD_TOP)/build_control/stream/subdirs.mk

Makefile for ipsec is as follows:

SDIRS += src itf
RECURSIVE_MAKE= [ -n "$(SDIRS)" ] && for i in $(SDIRS) ; do \
                    (cd $$i && echo "making $$target in $(DIR)/$$i..." && \
                    $(MAKE) -e TOP=$(TOP)/.. $$target INCLUDES='$(INCLUDES)') || exit 1; \

        @target=all; $(RECURSIVE_MAKE)

all: subdirs -I /itf

include $(BUILD_TOP)/build_control/stream/subdirs.mk

Also subdirs.mk is as follows:

#   This is a stand-alone file to distribute targets to
#   sub-directories. Include this file alone.  

#  Make bug: It loses track of if/endif over a $(eval) call.
ifndef __subdirs_include
__subdirs_include = yes

#   This only works for the standard targets defined in $(TARGETS)
#   in utils.mk. However this list can be extended with +=.

install:: install-hdrs

include $(BUILD_TOP)/build_control/stream/utils.mk
include $(BUILD_TOP)/build_control/stream/platform.mk

#  This creates a recursion rule for each pair of target and subdirectory.
#  The target for doing T in directory D is named T+D. 
#  If there is a "$(D_needs) = subdirs" then the subdirs become prerequisites
#  of D.
define __target_subdir
.PHONY:: $(1)+$(2)
$(1)+$(2) :: $(3); +$(MAKE) -C $(2) $(1)

$(foreach t,$(TARGETS),\
    $(foreach d,$(strip $(SUBDIRS) $(SUBDIRS_y)),\
        $(eval $(call __target_subdir,$(t),$(d),$(patsubst %,$(t)+%,$($(d)_needs))))))

$(foreach t,$(TARGETS),\
    $(foreach d,$(strip $(SUBDIRS) $(SUBDIRS_y)),$(eval $(t)::$(t)+$(d))))

endif # __subdirs_include

could someone please help me figure out, how to solve this issue of the header file: datapkt.h? Please let me know if any other details are required.

Thanks Sunny

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You are probably missing some -I flag to the compiler (thru CFLAGS or CPPFLAGS), and you may want to use remake to debug your Makefile –  Basile Starynkevitch Jun 20 '13 at 5:59
@BasileStarynkevitch: could you please shed some more light on this? –  Sunny Jun 20 '13 at 6:01

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The error message is from your compiler. It is saying that the file modGPRS.c (in whatever directory it is in, call it A) has included a file A/../inc/intModGPRS.h, which is itself trying to include a file called datapkt.h, which cannot be found. This is either because your makefiles are not properly telling the compiler where the file datapkt.h is, or (more likely) you have not installed a prerequisite library.

Make sure you have installed everything that needs to be installed before trying to build whatever it is that you're trying to build. Without at least telling me what it is you're trying to install I can't help you further.

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