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If I have some functionality I want to expose via REST in the WSO2 Application Server and it seems that I have two main choices:

  • Deploy as a JAX-RS Application
  • Deploy as a Service

When deploying as a service, it appears that I have options for Quality of Service that don't appear to be available for Applications.

Question: If I am creating a REST based functionality from scratch, should I prefer to design as a service rather than as an application, because the service has more flexibility?

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The Quality of Services available for (Axis2) services are only for SOAP operations. These can not be used for services exposed as REST. So, I guess JAX-RS would be the way to go since it's easier. – KasunBG Jul 5 '13 at 7:48
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In WSO2 Application Server there are two approaches to create RESTfull services.

  1. Create RESTfull service using Axis2, then you should deploy them as "service"
  2. Create JAX-RS spec based service using CXF, then you should deploy them as "JAX-RS" applications.
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if I don't have a strong preference either way for Axis2 or CXF, which one should I choose? Axis2 seems to be better integrated with the WSO2 stack and easier to manage QoS features? Are there any other benefits to deploying a service rather than an application? – SHC Jun 21 '13 at 18:00

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