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I am new in Linux and i want to know the internals of drivers and how it is interacting with hardware, so my question is that How the application is interacting with hardware means when the core part will come in picture and what it will do?

When the controller of that driver will come and how it will handle the request generated by the application.

And what is Firmware and when it comes into picture in Linux?

For eg: if i am using usb device like 
$ cat /dev/usb0.1 
then which is the core of usb(usb_storage.c) and 
which is the controller(usb_hub.c)
and how they are related to each other.

Thanks in advance..

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Basically linux kernel driver provide interface such as device file node then application can use standard read()/write()/ioctl() to pass parameter to operate hardware. Provide interface in /proc or /sys can be facilities to do that too. Detail implementation how to handle request depends on respective hardware spec.

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