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This is the process we perform manually.

$ sudo su - gvr
$ ai_dev.env
Gateway DEV3 $
$ gw_report integrations long
report is ******

Now i am attempting to automate this process using a shell script:

sudo su - gvr
. ai_dev3.env
gw_report integrations long

but this is not working. Getting stuck after entering the env. Stuck at this place (Gateway DEV3 $)

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You're not running the same commands in the two examples - gw_report long != gw_report integrations long. Maybe the latter takes much longer (or hangs).

Also, in the original code you run ai_dev.env and in the second you source it. Any variables set when running a script are gone when returning from that script, so I suspect this accounts for the different behavior.

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Hi I0b0. sorry my intention is to run gw_report integrations long in both the cases. Problem is, when i run the script it simply switches user, then changes env variables and then it waits for input. Unlike i am expecting it to read this gw_report integrations long and execute. – greatvedas Jun 20 '13 at 11:00

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