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I'm trying to understand why the following dosen't work.


Each section will work on there own, I can find the key phrase or I can find the number and the match within 6 words works in other regex within the same system.

I've been using RegexBuddy to build the code and checking on various website before coming here.

I just don't understand why this dosen't work. I am limited to only python based regex in the environment this is for.

I would love an answer that would fix it but would really love to understand where I'm going wrong


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what are you trying to match..can you show us some valid sample inputs. –  Anirudha Jun 20 '13 at 8:09
Here is a live example using your regex regexr.com?359qd and it matches some text groups in the paragraph. Hover over each section of regex to get the explanation. What exactly are you trying to match? –  Iurii.K Jun 20 '13 at 8:55
N an iPad at the moment so unable to view the example, but will be on a real computer later tonight. –  Gawainuk Jun 21 '13 at 18:57
I am trying to capture a match like the number of CNC machines equalled 5 –  Gawainuk Jun 21 '13 at 18:57
@Anirudh Here some additional samples of what I want to match "CNC operators numbering 12" and the reverse like "There are 12 qualified CNC operators on site" Basically any number within a 6 word count of the key phrase. –  Gawainuk Jun 25 '13 at 8:37

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