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I'm writing a Jenkins plugin and I want to retrieve last build information (number, timestamp, build parameters) for a given job from the Jenkins API. I can do this using jenkins_api_client (ruby gem) with REST call and obtain it.

<url_to_jenkins>job/<job name>/api/json?pretty=true&tree=builds[actions[parameters[name,value]],id,number]

This is the output I get:

[{""name""=>""BUILD"", ""value""=>""APACHE""}, 
{""name""=>""CLIENT"", ""value""=>""GOOGLE""}]}, {}, {}, {}, {}], 

How can I get BUILD and CLIENT values i.e., APACHE and GOOGLE in ruby?

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what class is that output of? String? – User Jun 22 '13 at 9:06

If you are missing a functionality in the jenkins_api_client rubygem, please open up an issue with detailed description and I'll get that implemented as soon as possible.

Thanks, Kannan (author of jenkins_api_client)

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Thanks Kannan. I would like to contribute from my end if possible. Could you please let me know the steps or link to contribute this to jenkins_api_client.? – Unknown Jun 25 '13 at 4:00
Here is the link to the project hosted on Github: There is some information on how to contribute in the README. Feel free to contact me with any help you might need. – arangamani Jun 27 '13 at 8:27

I have not tested it but you require json, this is the format of the answer.

require 'json'

reply = "{""builds""=>
[{""name""=>""BUILD"", ""value""=>""APACHE""}, 
{""name""=>""CLIENT"", ""value""=>""GOOGLE""}]}, {}, {}, {}, {}], 
""number""=>18}]}".replace('=>', ':')

my_hash = JSON.parse(reply)
puts my_hash['builds'] # access the content and further. you can do that.
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