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I'm developing an simple performance monitor for Xen(I use XCP 1.6). I use PHP to execute XMLRPC request. Most responses from Xen host are OK. However, when I request host_cpu.get_utilisation, the double value is always 0 in the response. The responsed double values for PIF_metrics.get_io_read_kbs and PIF_metrics.get_io_write_kbs are also 0 no matter how much traffic in network. Other type like int and string are just normal and XenCenter can monitor host and get right result. What should I do?
Here's the PHP code:

// get CPU utilisation
$cpu_utilisation = 0.0;
for($i=0; $i<count($host_CPUs); $i++)
$rpcClient->query("host_cpu.get_utilisation", $session, $host_CPUs[$i]);
$u = $rpcClient->getResponse();
$cpu_utilisation += (float)($u["Value"]*100);
$cpu_utilisation = $cpu_utilisation/count($host_CPUs);
echo "CPU %: ";

here's the response xml:

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I solved it. host.query_data_source works fine!

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