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I'd like to get fluent enough in the data mining domain to be able to use the features of the Orange framework to classify photos of fish.

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Data mining is a very wide and complex field. I suggest you narrow your request down to focus on how you want to classify the photos of fish, and then pose questions on those specific needs. –  slashmais Oct 5 '08 at 16:18

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I can recommend the book Programming Collective Intelligence from Toby Segaran.

You can have a look inside the book at google books.

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I second the recommendation of Programming Collective Intelligence, it is right on target for what you want. Here is a whole podcast about the book and an in-depth review that I wrote can be found here.

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David Mackay puts his entire book, Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, online. It will give you a very solid grounding in Bayesian data mining.

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I would start from corresponding Wikipedia page and then would proceed following the links. Also KDNuggets is considered to be one of the most valuable resources on data mining and accompanied topics.

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There is an entire Stanford data mining course (13 lesions) on the youtube. This link contains all these lesions plus couple of "bonus tracks".

EDIT I've just seen this Stanford page, which looks much more impressive than previously mentioned link.

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