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I am using SSIS for ETL and I need to know how to keep track of the number of records being inserted and updated in a table.

The thing is, in SSIS during the packages is running we will be able to see the number of records processed and no of records being updated or inserted but how to save them to a log file or in any other documents so that we can keep track of it for future references???.

Thanks in advance.

Jeevan kumar

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You may include a RecordCount task in your flow to set a variable with the number of rows passing this point. Later save the variables values into your log file.

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Thanks for your reply. Will try doing that and will come back if I have any other concern. –  Jeevan Jun 21 '13 at 12:28

You might want to look at 'triggers in SSMS'. and then use 'output' to log the inserts and updates.

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