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i tried to use dlookup with two criteria but it give type mismatch error. i dont think datatype is the problem since both criteria works well if i use dlookup with single criteria.

this one give type mismatch error:

DLookup("TotalPallets", "tblRegister", "[Department]='" & strD & "'" Or "[PTSNo]='" & strp & "'")

separated the criteria,this two works well:

DLookup("TotalPallets", "tblRegister", "[Department]='" & strD & "'")
DLookup("TotalPallets", "tblRegister", "[PTSNo]='" & strp & "'")

any help?

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You had your quotes messed up. Try this.

DLookup("TotalPallets", "tblRegister", "[Department]='" & strD & "' Or '[PTSNo]='" & strp & "'")
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well this should do the trick.just add some double quotes

DLookup("TotalPallets", "tblRegister", "[Department]=""" & strD & """ And [PTSNo]=""" & strP & """")
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Single quotes work just fine. –  Tom Collins Jun 20 '13 at 11:30

DLookup("TotalPallets", "tblRegister", "[Department]='" & strD & "' Or '[PTSNo]='" & strP & """")

Small mistake

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