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I am using project and minibufexpl(mbx) with my vim. The problem is using <C-6>, the buffer only toggles between last two open buffer, and not the all buffers open.

I checked vim's wiki but it says about listing the buffer and then selecting them manually i.e. map for :ls and :b. Not much helpful.

Though, I can move through all the open buffers using mbx's way, (go to mbx window and keep pressing arrow), a like alternative would have been helpful if it can span through all open buffers.

Any help please?

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:bn and :bN may be enough. – romainl Jun 20 '13 at 9:16
thanks, and solved. – BaRud Jun 20 '13 at 9:18

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The simplest solution to your problem seems to be to use Vim's built-in :bn and :bN.

See :help buffers.

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I've tested this in vim 7.3 on a Linux installation.

To have Vim insert a character sequence instead of doing the action, prefix it with Ctrl+v or Ctrl+q (in Windows). So to get the map sequence for Ctrl+right arrow press Crtl+v, then Ctrl+right arrow to get Vim to insert ^[[1;5C, similarly ^[[1;5D for Ctrl+left arrow.

You can then add the following to your .vimrc file to cycle through all buffers by pressing Ctrl+right arrow or Ctrl+left arrow:

nmap ^[[1;5C :bn^M
nmap ^[[1;5D :bN^M

nmap does the mapping only for normal mode. The ^M means Ctrl+v, then <return>.

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