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This question already has an answer here:

I use:

public const string WbPlanDirPath = "\\SavedWbPlans";

if (!Directory.Exists(WbPlanDirPath))

to create a directory. Although, it seems to work fine (no exceptions being thrown) I cannot find the folder/directory anywhere in the file system. Am I doing something wrong ?

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Just try to print path of directory you are created. – kunjee Jun 20 '13 at 9:50
You could also print the directory maybe via console/messagebox with (new DirectoryInfo(WbPlanDirPath)).FullName – Chibueze Opata Jun 20 '13 at 9:52

Notice the backslash at the very beginning. In the context of paths in Windows, this refers to the root of a drive.

So, the directory is very likely created on the root of your drive, depending where the working directory is.

For example, if the working directory is D:\Somewhere\in\the\drive\, it will be created as D:\SavedWbPlans.

If you are trying to create a directory in the same directory where the program is located at, use the following code instead:

string directory_of_program = Path.GetDirectoryName(Application.ExecutablePath);
string WbPlanDirPath = Path.Combine(directory_of_program, "SavedWbPlans");

if (!Directory.Exists(WbPlanDirPath))
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Nice and clear explanation! – Torbjörn Hansson Jun 20 '13 at 12:48

It should be created on the root level for the volume for the current directory. Check Environment.CurrentDirectory.

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That's making a directory in \SavedWebPlans off the root of the volume with the current working directory.

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CreateDirectory returns a DirectoryInfo object that points to the created directory.

Check its properties to find out where it was created.

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It's in the same parent directory (the directory containing your program) as your program.

Instead of "\\SavedWbPlans";

Use "SavedWbPlans";

That will save it in the current directory (the same directory as your program)

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