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I am conducting a beta - regression in R, using the package "betareg" (version 3.0-3). For a Monte Carlo simulation, I would like to model the dispersion - parameter "phi" as a logit model. Unfortunately, the package does not support the link function "logit" for phi. I have seen that it is possible to supply a self written "glm - link" object, but I do not know how to do this. Does anyone know, how I could solve my problem and model "phi" as a logistic model.

betareg(formula, data, subset, na.action, weights, offset,
        link = c("logit", "probit","cloglog", "cauchit", "log", "loglog"),
        link.phi = NULL, type = c("ML", "BC", "BR"),
        control = betareg.control(...), model = TRUE,y = TRUE, x = FALSE, ...)

character specification of the link function in the precision model (phi). Currently, "identity", "log", "sqrt" are supported. The default is "log" unless formula is of type y ~ x where the default is "identity" (for backward compatibility). Alternatively, an object of class "link-glm" can be supplied.

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I wonder if you could modify the Bayesian code presented here to achieve what you want:… –  Mark Miller Jun 20 '13 at 11:10

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