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My today's task is to create a Python script (say which can do the following things:

  • Start a C program (say CProg) passing some params
  • Start another Python script (say passing other params
  • Join/Wait until has finished
  • Send a SIGINT to CProg
  • Iterate (this won't be a problem at all I think :P)

Since I'm pretty new in developing Python scripts and my mind is quite full of C/C++ thread/join/execve/... I'd like to ask you if there's a proper way to accomplish my task. I've read some related topics on SO (some talk about PIPEs or Execl) but I'm not sure what to use yet.

Thanks in advance

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LOL ... have you given an attempt at all? if you are used to threads in C the principles are the same in any language...… has a bunch of starting point answers for you – Ahmed Masud Jun 20 '13 at 10:16

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Use subprocess module.

import os
import signal
import subprocess
import sys

params = [...]
for param for params:
    proc = subprocess.Popen(['/path/to/CProg', param.., param..])[sys.executable, '', param.., param...])
    os.kill(, signal.SIGINT)
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